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According to Megan Auman, "Building the lifestyle brand of your dreams is possible, but it takes commitment and time. Especially time. Give it 5 to 15 years, because building a lifestyle brand is a marathon, not a sprint. But if youíre goal is to build that brand, itís important to start with a strong foundation.  Here are three steps to help you build your lifestyle brand right."  Megan goes on to state three steps for building a lifestyle brand as follows:
1. Build your brand one category at a time.
2. Create content to solidify your brand and create raving fans.
3. Create a style all your own.

Above is only the summary of the three steps.  From her blog post she goes into detail regarding these three steps.  You can read her blog post 3 Steps for Building a Lifestyle Brand at

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Here are a few ways to help build a brand:

Viral Marketing
Social Bookmarking
Fashion Brand SEO

You may want to also research Google +1 methods to promote your fashion brand:
Fashion Sparks
Fashion Hangouts
Fashion Circles
Fashion Streams



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